Powell, OH – Population, Housing, and Other Facts

Powell is a city in Ohio, located 14 miles north of Columbus. It is part of Delaware County, which is ranked as the 35th wealthiest county in the U.S. Currently, the county is on the list as a placeholder, but the forecast for 2020 shows that it will move up to the 35th spot. metal roofing near me

The median household income in Powell is $136,250 per year. The median income of Powell residents is significantly higher than the national average of $53,482 per year. This suggests that Powell has an upscale and affordable quality of life. The median age for residents is 41.2 years old. The median age of foreign-born residents is 42.

The job market in Powell, OH is competitive. As a result, many businesses are located here. Powell is ranked as one of the top 20 largest employment markets in Ohio. Powell has a high percentage of people in the business sector, including many tech companies. Additionally, the city is well-served by public transportation.

Powell’s unemployment rate is 3.8%, lower than the national average. The local job market is growing, with 0.8% growth over the past year. Powell’s sales tax is 7.0%, and the income tax is 4.2%. The average income in Powell is $48,908 a year, while the US average is $28,555.

The city of Powell is a good place to raise a family. It has an excellent school system, low crime, and many college-educated neighbors. The area also has a high homeownership rate and mostly single-family homes. The city is not perfect, but it is a stable community that can grow with you.

The city of Powell is located in Delaware County. Its population is estimated to reach 14,695 by 2020, and is growing at a rate of 1.84% a year. Its median rent is $1,711 a month, and its median house value is $386,200. The median age of residents of Powell is 38 years, and the average household has two cars.

Powell is a largely suburban community, but it also has many small businesses, including supermarkets and restaurants. There are no major technological, industrial, or financial businesses in the city. In fact, the residents of Powell fought to prevent a Wal-Mart from opening there. Recreation and entertainment options in Powell include the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, O’Shaughnessy Dam, and Olentangy Indian Caverns.

The average household income in Powell is $164,849. It’s a lower figure than that of Dublin, OH (178K) and Powell, OH (180K). The 43065 area is more affordable than 43017, 43024, 43235, and 43235 (103,731), which are all located within the city.

Powell has a private swimming club called Powell Pool. The facility was built in 1995 after residents in the area complained about the lack of a community swimming pool. The village council raised money for the project, which included $1,000 household membership fees. The pool has features like a separate diving well, zero-entry area, toddler wading area, and eight-lane lap pool.