Roofing Basics


Unfortunately, the roof is often one of the most overlooked areas of the house and generally gets attention only when there is a problem. Between aging and severe weather, significant damage to your roof can occur leaving the home vulnerable to a number of elements.


Annual and Bi-Annual Check-Ups on Your Roof


At least once a year, preferably twice, it is important to have Davis Roofing come to your home and inspect your roof. As a homeowner in Ohio, you are very familiar with the harsh elements of winter and the storms that follow in the spring, summer and fall. We love our four seasons, but the weather can certainly expose our homes to a great deal of deterioration.


Roof Expansion and Contraction


Seasonal changes play the biggest role in aging and damaging the roof of your home. As the temperature changes and storms hit, the roof expands and contracts, often cracking the structure and surface. As these contractions and expansions occur, water can build up, sometime causing ice dams, which then melt and leak in between and underneath shingles. The water then refreezes pushing the shingles and exposing greater damage to the surrounding shingles and structure.


After severe storms, or seasonal changes, Davis Roofing can identify areas where wind and lightning may have raised or shifted shingles and quickly repair them to prevent any further damage. One shingle can be fixed, but if left long enough, it can rapidly impact the surrounding shingles and cause problems. We’re here to help avoid costly replacements.




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We've had Davis Roofing come out to help with 2 issues on our roof, and they have been very responsive. Brian is extremely professional and honest. In the past I've had roofers who I felt were trying to "sell" me on higher cost fixes, and that is not at all the case with Davis Roofing. It's good to know that I can trust them to follow up quickly, and give me good, honest advise on what is needed. I wouldn't hesitate to call Davis Roofing if I have any issues in the future.

-Ryan Sibley

Powell roofing contractor

Davis Roofing is a great local resource. Brian is very professional and honest about the condition of your roof and will help with insurance claims if needed. I use Davis Roofing as a resource for my investment properties and when the time comes for my personal residence to need a roof, I know who I will be calling.

- Dean Curry

Powell roofing contractor

Davis Roofing helped us with a repair issue for a customer, and they were incredibly pleased. This customer was out of the Columbus metro area, and their charge to handle this for us was very reasonable. I will always be using Davis Roofing for all of our future repair and replacement roof issues.

-Dan Dragin

Powell roofing contractor

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