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How to Bid Roofing Jobs the Right Way

Winning bids is crucial to growing your roofing business, but you need to know how to bid roofing jobs to win the work. When bidding on a roof, you need to understand the client and the project holistically. Remember, the customer may talk to your competition before making a final decision. Using software such as AccuLynx can help you win bids by allowing you to accurately estimate the square footage of the roof and account for factors such as pitch, sloping edges, and waste of around 10 percent. rolled roofing

When bidding a roofing job, you need to consider all of the factors that affect the price. For example, a homeowner may not need a complete roof replacement, but instead just a simple repair. In such cases, a higher markup percentage is required. Once you have calculated all of these factors, you can prepare a professional quote for your client. With this, you’ll be able to grow your business while doing what you love.

When you’re analyzing a bid, be sure to look for a detailed description of the project. Include any specific needs and solutions and be sure to note down the phases and safety measures that you’ll use. And don’t forget to make sure the price you offer is reasonable and will satisfy your customer. It may also be worth considering offering different payment plans or financing options to make your customers feel more comfortable with your price.

Taking time to properly measure a roof can make all the difference in how much you get paid. A good company will be able to estimate the roof accurately and provide an accurate quote. Using iRoofing software to measure the roof accurately and efficiently means you can complete your bid without wasting your time. If your bids are accurate, you’ll be able to increase your profits. With iRoofing, you can easily fill out all the paperwork on your iPad, which is more convenient than using paper or binders.

When negotiating a roofing bid, make sure you hire subcontractors with experience. The roof is a huge investment and will affect the overall quality of the home. Make sure that you hire people with the right experience and standards. The last thing you want is a subcontractor who doesn’t know how to communicate with the customer. Be transparent about their qualifications. The customer will appreciate this. You don’t want to lose your customer’s trust and may end up losing a sale.

Depending on your business model, you may be able to work with a higher profit margin if you offer more than one roofing package. By using the “rise over run” formula, you can estimate the overall cost of a roofing project, even before you’ve started. In addition to the overall cost, consider the margin of each package. Higher-priced packages offer more value to your clients and are usually more profitable for you.


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