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How to Lay Roofing Felt

To install roofing felt on your roof, you need to follow the right steps. First, you must clear the area to be covered of all debris. Make sure that you are wearing closed shoes without sharp soles. Once you have cleared the area, roll out the Underlay at an angle until it’s fully covered. Then, measure and cut it to the desired length. If your felt roll is too long, cut the end of it using a sharp knife. Once you’ve cut the roll, place a straight edge under the roll to mark the length. local roofing companies

Once you’ve found the right length, start laying the first row of roofing felt. Make sure to overlap the first row by at least 8 inches. Once you’ve completed the first row, lay the second row of roofing felt. Continue doing this until you reach the ridge. Be sure to leave about four inches of overlap between each row to avoid wrinkles. When you’re done, cut any extra roofing felt with a utility knife.

Start installing the first course of felt at the lowest part of the roof. Align the felt edge with the rake to ensure that the first course overlaps the second. Once you’ve laid the first course, you should cut and nail the second course. Once you’ve finished with the first course, you can proceed with the second. You can nail the last few feet of the first course. You may also want to use roofing cement to cover the nail heads.

Roll out the first roll of roofing felt at a distance of ten to twelve feet. Use your hands to make sure that the strip is smooth and wrinkle-free. If the felt is too long, you should cut it and trim it to the desired length. Remember to nail along the bottom edge and not the top. Repeat the process by lapping the second row onto the first. You can overlap the next run of felt two to three inches.

Next, you must lay down the second row of roofing paper. Unroll the roofing felt five feet at a time and staple it to the roof at intervals of two feet. Then, cut the extra felt paper with a straightedge to make sure it does not cut the underlayment. Once you’re finished with the first row of roofing felt, you can lay the second row by overlapping it by two inches. Ensure that the overlap overlaps the first row, so that water will be diverted off of the top row onto the lower one.

If you are installing roofing felt on your own, follow the steps carefully and don’t rush. It is possible for the average do-it-yourselfer to complete the job, but you should also take your time and don’t try to rush the project. Start with laying the first layer of felt, but don’t bond it to the decking. After that, you can install the top sheet of roofing felt and apply flashing on the verge edges. Make sure that the edges of the roof are smooth and that nails are not missing.


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