The siding and gutters of your home, while integral to your curb appeal, go far beyond aesthetics. In fact, these components help protect the interior and exterior of your home, from roof to basement. Whether you plan to install brand new vinyl siding and gutters or need to make a repair, using quality products and enlisting a professional is a must!


Vinyl Siding Installation for Your Home


Vinyl siding keeps water from entering your home and protects the structure of your house from outdoor elements. It truly is the only barrier standing between the outdoors and wood, drywall, and insulation. Traditionally, aluminum or wood have been used to side a house; however, the quality of vinyl siding increases the level of protection for your home and will outlast the alternatives. Davis Roofing works exclusively with vinyl siding based on its material integrity, however, we offer a number of options based on your budget.


Benefits of Vinyl Siding:


  • Affordable!
  • You never have to paint!
  • Countless color options
  • Durable
  • Unsusceptible to rot or insect damage


Vinyl Siding Repair for Your Home


The moment you see exposed wood, dents, or tears, call Davis Roofing. These damages frequently occur with aluminum siding; However, if your vinyl siding is lifted from the structure of the house, repairs can be made quickly and efficiently.


Gutter Repair and Installation


Debris and weather will impact the effectiveness of your gutter system and the subsequent excess water can damage your yard, your roof, and the inside of your home. Your gutters should be cleaned twice a year, at the beginning of fall and at the beginning of spring. If you are experiencing consistent back-up, leakage, and improper drainage, a new vinyl gutter system can be installed at an affordable rate and based on your budget.


Common Gutter Issues Requiring Repair:


If you are experiencing water pooling or mildew buildup at the base of your home or along the side of your house, the following could be the issue:

  • Gutter Blockage. Leaves, branches, and even random objects can cause a blockage in your gutter system.
  • Gutter Sagging. A broken hanger or spike or a buildup of excess debris can cause sagging to occur in your gutters. It is extremely important to repair this because your system is at risk for collapsing.
  • Gutter Leaks. In some cases, the sealing between joints can become deteriorated, but can be repaired if the seam is limited and easily identifiable.
  • The quality of your Gutter Pitch. In some cases, if the house has settled drastically after the gutters have been installed, the slope of the gutter pitch can shift and cause pooling and water leakage. In many cases, the quality of your gutter pitch boils down to the craftsmanship behind it. Be sure, if you are having your gutters installed from scratch or repaired, that you hire a professional!


Benefits of working with Davis Roofing:


  • No Ladders! You won’t be at risk of falling! That’s always a plus.
  • We properly remove and dispose the waste material.
  • You are guaranteed craftsmanship. You can expect seamless gutter installation and protection.


Whether your home needs a “facelift” with a fresh color and texture or a simple patch, Davis Roofing offers a number of options to suit your home siding and gutter needs. Call us at 614-945-4493 or fill out our form for a free inspection.

We've had Davis Roofing come out to help with 2 issues on our roof, and they have been very responsive. Brian is extremely professional and honest. In the past I've had roofers who I felt were trying to "sell" me on higher cost fixes, and that is not at all the case with Davis Roofing. It's good to know that I can trust them to follow up quickly, and give me good, honest advise on what is needed. I wouldn't hesitate to call Davis Roofing if I have any issues in the future.

-Ryan Sibley

Powell roofing contractor

Davis Roofing is a great local resource. Brian is very professional and honest about the condition of your roof and will help with insurance claims if needed. I use Davis Roofing as a resource for my investment properties and when the time comes for my personal residence to need a roof, I know who I will be calling.

- Dean Curry

Powell roofing contractor

Davis Roofing helped us with a repair issue for a customer, and they were incredibly pleased. This customer was out of the Columbus metro area, and their charge to handle this for us was very reasonable. I will always be using Davis Roofing for all of our future repair and replacement roof issues.

-Dan Dragin

Powell roofing contractor

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