Receive an Inspection and/or Estimate


The process begins with you! With the first sign of any roof damage, or preferably as a proactive measure, contact us and we will come to your home and provide a free, zero-obligation inspection with an estimate for repair or replacement. Our inspections are conducted on foot by a seasoned professional, although many of our customers also like to have a drone inspection performed. This is available upon request and there is no additional charge for this inspection.


After the inspection, you will receive an estimate and all available options for installing or correcting an issue with your roof. We will also let you know approximately how long the job should take so you can plan ahead.



Moving Forward with a Homeowners Insurance Claim or Other forms of Insurance


We will work with you to determine if and when you should submit a claim to your homeowner’s insurance. If you choose to report your damage, we will walk you through the paperwork and submission process so that the documentation clearly reflects our findings.


Once an adjuster comes to your property to make an assessment, we can be on hand to show the representative our findings and provide insights. This generally helps the adjuster determine the maximum allowable reimbursement. We also have the advantage of negotiating rates in order to maximize your coverage without any paying an additional out-of-pocket costs.



During the Installation, Repair or Replacement


Expect clean, careful work from Davis Roofing. We diligently work on your property so that you can continue your day with limited interruption.


Our crew is supplied with:


  • Tarps to protect extruding features of the home such as decks and air conditioning units
  • Scaffolding to protect your yard and landscaping
  • Appropriate vessels for discarded materials
  • Magnetic nail sweeps to remove any nails from property
  • Plywood shields to protect windows and entryways, if needed



Your Results


Once we have completed the job, you can resume your life with peace of mind knowing that you have a good roof over your head and needn’t worry about any surprise catastrophes.

We've had Davis Roofing come out to help with 2 issues on our roof, and they have been very responsive. Brian is extremely professional and honest. In the past I've had roofers who I felt were trying to "sell" me on higher cost fixes, and that is not at all the case with Davis Roofing. It's good to know that I can trust them to follow up quickly, and give me good, honest advise on what is needed. I wouldn't hesitate to call Davis Roofing if I have any issues in the future.

-Ryan Sibley

Powell roofing contractor

Davis Roofing is a great local resource. Brian is very professional and honest about the condition of your roof and will help with insurance claims if needed. I use Davis Roofing as a resource for my investment properties and when the time comes for my personal residence to need a roof, I know who I will be calling.

- Dean Curry

Powell roofing contractor

Davis Roofing helped us with a repair issue for a customer, and they were incredibly pleased. This customer was out of the Columbus metro area, and their charge to handle this for us was very reasonable. I will always be using Davis Roofing for all of our future repair and replacement roof issues.

-Dan Dragin

Powell roofing contractor

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