What is Roofing in Volleyball?

What is roofing in volleyball? This volleyball term refers to the shape of a blocker’s hands, shoulders, and arms. Blockers play an integral role in defending the serving team during a volleyball rally. The strong and aggressive blocking action they perform is similar to the shape of a roof. Generally, roof volleyball players split their hands when they jump, keeping them almost parallel to the net while slightly above the plane. Roof volleyball blocks are difficult to hit from either side of the net. roll roofing

There are three common types of volleyball roofing. The first is known as overhead pass, which is when a player controls the ball using only their fingertips and flares their elbows out to the sides. Another type of roofing in volleyball is called pancake play, which is when a player reaches up to the net and serves over it. A roll play involves a low, off-speed shot with spin that is slightly less powerful than full power. A roof play results in a point for the defense.

When a team scores a point, the players who are on the defending team shout out “roofing.” The roof is a cheer that is used when a blocker has blocked a shot from the opposite team. The term “kill” is also used in volleyball. The word roof is an unofficial term used by the defending team. Traditionally, hitting the roof was considered out-of-bounds and awarded points to the opposing team.