What Is the Size of a Roofing Square?

When comparing roofing quotes, the term “roofing square” is often used. The square is the amount of material needed to cover 100 square feet of roof space. Homeowners can calculate the size of a roofing square by calculating the length of the roof in feet, and multiplying the number by itself. A typical residential roof would require around 900 square feet of roofing material. However, there is more to a roofing square than meets the eye. roofing contractors near me

Roofing squares are a standardized measurement of the size of a roofing area. Although any square can be any shape, it must contain one hundred square feet of space. A roofing square can be 10 feet by ten feet, or 20 feet by five feet. Roofing contractors use this ruler to estimate materials and labor costs for each roofing project. Once you have an accurate measurement, you can estimate the price of the entire roofing project.

Using a roofing square is a good way to estimate the pitch of a roof. You can also use it to guide a circular saw. It is helpful to bring a two-foot level with you to measure the length and width of the roof. Orient the sketch to the existing position of the peak, and then lay out the measuring tape. Once you have the measurements, switch to square feet so you can get a more accurate estimate.

Besides shingles, a roofing roof also contains felt and ice and water shield underneath the shingles. Roofing felt is sold in rolls of fifteen and thirty pounds. Each roll contains enough material to cover four squares. Twenty pounds of roofing felt will cover two squares. This means that you’ll need to buy twice as much roofing felt as you’d need if you’re going to use the same type of shingles.

Using a roofing square will allow you to determine how many bundles of shingles will be needed for your roofing project. As a general rule of thumb, a roofing square covers about 1/3 of the total roof area. That means that if you’re replacing 20 squares with asphalt shingles, you’ll need sixty bundles of shingles. This makes it easy to calculate the square footage of your roof with the same amount of shingles as the original roof size.

Once you know the size of your roof, you can begin ordering roofing materials. When buying roofing materials, consult with a roofing contractor who can accurately assess your project and give you the correct measurements. If you’re unsure about your measurements, don’t hesitate to contact a roofing contractor for a free estimate. In addition to roofing squares, you can also find roofing material prices online. For a roof that needs to be repaired, asphalt shingles are an excellent choice. They’re easy to install, come in a wide variety of colors and are cheap.

While the number of squares your roof requires will vary, you should remember to buy at least 15% extra to compensate for the materials you’re not using. This way, you’ll have enough roofing material to cover your entire roof. Typically, three bundles of tiles will cover a single square. A roof that is 24,000 squares in area requires 60 rolls of underlayment. To be on the safe side, be sure to order enough roofing material.