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What Kind of Nail Gun Do I Need For Roofing?

If you are a roofer, you need a roofing nail gun with a large capacity. This feature will prevent you from having to constantly refill the magazine as you work on your project. Generally, a decent nail gun has a magazine capacity of 120 nails. A side-loading magazine is also convenient for big jobs. Some roofers prefer pneumatic nails. Pneumatic nail guns are more durable, and you can find them at most home improvement stores. roofing supply

If you want to do roofing projects efficiently, a good nail gun will save you time and energy. These guns can drive nails into roofing shingles with greater force than a hammer. In addition, a roofing nail gun can work faster than hammering nails into roof decking. The advantage of using a nail gun is that it can handle larger jobs without creating stress on the roof or installer.

Professionals recommend the Bostitch RN46-1 pneumatic roofing nail gun, which is highly reliable and durable. It can shoot up to 38 nails per minute and has adjustable depth control. It comes with a one-year warranty. One of the disadvantages of pneumatic roofing nailers is that they have a tendency to wear out the driver blades and o-rings. If you’re a beginner, you might want to consider a cordless roofing nailer instead.

Before buying a roofing nailer, make sure to read the manufacturer’s manual. The manual should include information on cleaning and caring for the tool. Roofing nailers require more cleaning than most other nail guns, so you should take extra care to clean them regularly. Remember, shingles, dirt, and granular shingle material are tough on the nail gun. Clean your roofing nailer regularly to ensure its safety.

In addition to sizing and air pressure, other features of roofing nail guns should be considered. Coil nails can be more durable and last longer between refills. Also, the coil magazine design will improve ergonomics and allow you to work comfortably for a longer time. Finally, you should check if the roofing nailer you are looking to purchase has a depth drive setting that allows you to adjust it.

If you plan to do the roofing yourself, a nail gun can save you time and money. It won’t take you as long to finish a job, and you won’t have to climb ladders to reach the shingles. You can also replace old shingles easily. A nail gun is a great tool to have in your toolbox. The right nail gun can make all the difference.

Unlike a siding nail gun, a roofing nailer has a wide head. You can also buy a plastic cap nailer or a clout nailer. For roofing jobs, it is important to use the right type of nails. You can also use a framing nailer if you plan on doing some siding work. However, a framing nailer is more versatile and will fit the purpose you’re trying to complete.


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