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Choosing What Type of Plywood for Roofing

You can determine which type of plywood to use for your roofing project by knowing how thick it should be. Plywood sold in square-foot kits is the ideal thickness for roofing. Generally, experts recommend 5/8-inch plywood. However, there are cases when 3/4-inch plywood is sufficient. Plywood comes in many different types. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a particular type of plywood for your roofing project: roofing supply near me

There are two kinds of plywood: structural and general. Generally speaking, structural plywood has passed building regulations and is rated higher than general plywood. General plywood is cheaper and easier to install, but may have a few visible flaws. Construction structural plywood is ideal for roofing projects. Shuttering plywood is used to support concrete as it sets. Depending on the purpose of your roofing project, you should choose the correct type of plywood for your project.

When choosing plywood for your roofing project, make sure you purchase a sheet with an appropriate square-foot size. Each 4×8 sheet of plywood will provide approximately 32 square feet of coverage. For this reason, you should always purchase extras to ensure you have enough material for your project. Alternatively, you can choose OSB. Generally, plywood comes in 4-foot by 8-foot sheets, but some specialty retailers may carry larger panels. By using larger sheets, you will minimize the number of edges that will be visible on your roof.

Another type of plywood is oriented strand board (OSB). This product is made differently from CDX. It is produced by mixing glue and resin with wood chips and then baking it. Compared to CDX plywood, OSB is half the price of CDX. It also comes in different thicknesses, and you should choose a suitable one for your roofing project. The thickness of plywood will depend on the distance between rafters, the roof load, and the type of plywood used.

If you need to save money and still want your project to be durable, CDX plywood is a good choice. CDX plywood is made from grade D or C plywood, and the glue used in this material is extremely strong and durable. This type of plywood is recommended for outdoor projects because it offers excellent protection against moisture and sharp temperature changes. As a result, it’s the most common type of plywood used for roofing. When it comes to cost-effectiveness and durability, CDX plywood is the best option for many projects.

The cost of plywood varies significantly, so you should check the price before you purchase it. OSB is about 15% cheaper than plywood, and it typically costs about $3-7 per sheet. However, it does not offer the same benefits as plywood. It is also less durable, so it’s a better choice if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative. If you are building a new house, OSB is a more affordable option.


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