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Davis Roofing & Restoration
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Emergency Roof Repair & Tarping

Emergency Roof Repair - You Cannot Afford Delays!

When you have roofing problem Davis roofing responds quickly to the need for emergency roof repair

Step 1:

Call Davis Roofing, your best source for reliable help in taking care of any emergency problems.  We can react quickly with temporary solutions – including covering affected when your roof system has suffered storm damage.

Call: 614-706-7003

Whether it’s a fallen tree, a severe storm, a pesky animal, or some unexpected accident, any compromise to your roof that could allow water to quickly infiltrate your home constitutes an emergency. Generally, we are able to respond to emergencies within the day and provide, at the very least, a temporary solution to keep water from entering your home.

Once we have identified the issue, we can work with you to provide a permanent solution to ensure the longevity of your home. In the meantime, we can quickly respond and temporarily tarp any critical areas at no upfront cost (any expenses related to that will be billed to your insurance company as part of your claim.)

Tarping will hold you over until we can come back to provide a more permanent solution to your storm damage needs.  That will prevent further damage to your roof and your home.  implement a quick and efficient temporary repair or install a protective cover to keep structural damage at bay.

NOTE: We recommend that you don’t try and check your roof’s condition by climbing onto it! There may be structural damage that could cause you serious injury!

Your safety is always our top priority

If your roof has sustained serious impact damage due to wind-blown debris, keep your family and any pets away from the affected area

Try to avoid any water damage by removing valuables to an unaffected area.  Even with a tarp, some water may find its way into your home

As professionals, we have the experience, equipment and capability to investigate any damage and help you totally eliminate or at least avoid any ongoing damage.

Step 2: Never put off roof leak repairs

Even if there seem to be only a few minor leaks here and there, we will adjust tarping to eliminate them.

If you overlook ANY leaks, they can become worse and leave your home at risk from continuing water damage.

Call us at Davis Roofing to handle any emergency leak.  We’ll do what’s needed to ensure that your roof condition is stabilized and do a thorough inspection to look for any and all issues that could cause leaks, and our experienced crew will deal with them promptly.

Step 3:

Insurance adjusters are usually fair about handling claims, but they are also under pressure, especially in the case of major storm damage in a large area, to settle things quickly.  Call and get us involved with any claim or settlement effort.

While we can’t directly deal with your insurance company, we can provide quick and expert advice and guidance.  That is critically important to making sure you receive a complete settlement, particularly if there is any hidden damage or a need for more extensive repair – or even total replacement.

We use the same estimating software programs as the insurance companies, so we can not only make sure that our estimate will meet their requirements AND also that all the appropriate repair/ replacement costs are on the claim.

We know how to prepare an estimate that will be acceptable to the insurance company so you and your family will end up with a happy ending – and the proper repairs or, if needed, the replacement that you deserve.

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