Gutter Installation or Repair in Powell, Dubin, or Lewis Center, OH

Gutters are not something that most people worry about – unless they are clogged.  Proper gutters are very useful, they conduct rain off of the roof and away from your foundation, which avoids a lot of potential damage to your home. 

Damaged, sagging, or clogged gutters can cause disaster.  Gutter repair is a lot less expensive than trying to remedy structural or interior problems.

If you find water dripping over the edges of your gutters, it means you have a problems which could weather your siding and contribute to major weathering – your siding can be compromised and if water pools up next to your foundation, it will start to wear away the walls and even cause basement or footer issues.


Symptoms of looming issues:

Additionally, if your gutters look rusted, they probably are and they could be leaking. Gutter “health” is critical to protecting your home’s well-being. Their whole purpose is to move away from your roof home.

If water is NOT removed, it can soak into your home and damage its structure. It can also provide a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can not only weaken wood, but affect the health of you and your family members as well.

Key Questions Customer Ask About Gutter Repair and Gutter installation

1. How much does it cost to repair a gutter?

There are a number of factors that affect the cost or repair: the “run” (length) of the butter, the mounting requirement – where the gutter will be attached and the condition of it, and more.  The easiest way to find out how much it would cost is to get a no -obligation free estimate from Davis Roofing.

2. How often should gutters be replaced?

Butters should be replaced when they are broken, leaking or twisted. As long as they are functional and not broken or otherwise damaged, they should be fine.

3. How long do gutters last on a house?

Aluminum gutters can last long as 20 years

4. Which is the best value route to gutter installation or replacement - prefabbed, or, on-site?

Seamless gutters, formed on-site will be considerably lower in cost – and last longer – than section-by-section purchased in pieces which require much more time to install and are more likely to have potential leak issues than seamless ones.

5. Which is better, vinyl or aluminum gutters?

Aluminum gutters are more durable than vinyl gutters. They won’t drop and will fyears in most areas. Coastal areas may cause corrosion in aluminum gutters because of exposure to moisture and salt.

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Important Facts About Gutters and Their Installation​

You can’t install just any type or size of gutters. Davis Roofing and Restoration knows how to repair or replace your gutters and make sure that they’re correct. We do it all – measure the length of your roof, the square footage of your roof, know the average rainfall in your area, and make sure you meet local zoning laws.

These factors will determine how wide your gutters need to be. You’ll also need to know how far away from your foundation the downspouts need to be.

Looks versus Function

Gutters are important, they are while integral to your curb appeal, but their function is actually far more crucial than aesthetics.

Davis Roofing and Restoration will inspect your gutter, determine if any debris and/or weather are impacting the effectiveness of your water management system. Excess water can damage your yard, your roof, and the inside of your home.

If you are experiencing consistent back-up, leakage, and improper drainage, let us do a thorough inspection and provide some options for eliminating any problems.

Don’t just ignore gutters! Call us TODAY to get an inspection, report and recommendations – before you have serious damage!

Whether your home needs gutter repair or gutter replacement, call Davis Roofing for an inspection and firm estimate.