FREE, No Obligation Inspection

Davis Roofing provides free inspections, free estimates, and zero pressure.

Davis Roofing and Restoration is happy to provide a free, no-obligation inspect to look your roof, siding and attic insultaitn.

However, we understand that shady companies used the offer of a “free inspection” as a way to try and sell people services or even charge for what they offered as “free.” Or they come in with a lengthy “presentation” that wastes time – sometimes HOURS – of someone’s time.

That’s NOT something we do. Our free inspections are really free, and we only report on exactly what issues there be and discuss the ways that those can be corrected.

For those who are unfamiliar with the “Free” is NOT free situation, here’s what some shady firms do:

One of the reasons many people hesitate to contact a contractor is their concern that they will be subject to several unattractive things:

1. The “Free” Inspection turns into a costly experience

There are more than a few shady firms that will come in and do a brief “lookover” than pitch the idea of a “comprehensive review” which means “we’ll charge you to do what you thought we would do for free.”We hear about those all the time – we promise, that’s NOT our way of doing business.

2. The “Big Pitch’

When some firms show up, they have a tablet or iPad and start showing a long, drawn-out “pitch” that covers every (boring) detail about their products, their company and all the different ways that they can help out the poor person listening and watching, trying to “upsell” all kinds of services above and beyond what the call is supposed to be about.No, that’s not what Davis Roofing and Restoration will do.  We may bring up some things that you need to know, BUT it will be quick and to the point.

3. The “Sign up NOW” Sales Attempt

Shady companies like the idea of a “one-call-close,” so they will press hard to get the person they’re meeting with to sign a contract immediately.  And they will be VERY determined to get that done.

We review the results of our inspection and discuss how something can be addressed, but unless there are circumstances – like storm damage that needs to be addressed quickly to avoid additional damage and satisfy insurance companies who will sometimes not be willing to pay if measures are taken quickly, we won’t press for a quick decision.

We have worked hard to be the best job for our customers, and the free inspection we provide has allowed us to explain what, why, how and when they could get their issue handled.

There are usually options that can be explored and we encourage customers to learn what they need to know to avoid further problems. Insurance companies have been known to deny claims that were not “made on a timely basis to prevent further damage,” so we will let you know what you can do to avoid that.

We’re really on YOUR side – so, please call us for a TRUE “free inspection” – that IS something you should consider doing right away to avoid future problems, so CALL US NOW.

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