New Albany, Ohio

About New Albany, Ohio

New Albany, Ohio is One of the Safest Places To Live

New Albany is the second-safest city in the Columbus, Indiana, metropolitan area, with a crime rate that is 71% lower than the national average. Property crimes are also relatively rare, with an average of only seven crimes per 1,000 people. Crime rates in the city are well below the national average and are comparable to the crime rate in other cities of similar size. metal roofing types

New Albany’s overall livability score is above average, with a score calculated by combining data points on crime, education, cost of living, and overall happiness. These variables are weighted to give a city a livability score that takes these factors into account.

The city has a diverse population. Approximately 80 percent of its population is white, with the remainder being African American or Asian. About one percent of the population is of Native American descent. New Albany is a wealthy community, with the median home value at over $4.9 million.

A crime map of New Albany shows the types and levels of crime in the area. It highlights neighborhoods that are safer than others and highlights areas where criminal activity is high. The map also features a heat map, which shows total crime rates by block group. The map also shows whether there are any violent crimes in a neighborhood.

While Albany crime rates remain higher than the national average, they are improving. In the past five years, crime in Albany has decreased by nearly seven percent. Despite the high crime rate, Albany has some safe neighborhoods, including Buckingham Lake-Crestwood. The area is conveniently located within the city, and is near a beautiful lake, and a nearby park.

New Albany, Ohio is an affluent city, with a median household income of $191,375. As a result, crime rates are lower in wealthy neighborhoods than in low-income areas. There are fewer violent crimes than in poorer areas, and there are many amenities for residents to enjoy, including over 600 acres of public parks.

The city has a strong job market and low rates of violent crime. New Albany is home to the New Albany Walking Classic, the nation’s largest walking race. It also hosts the Classic Grand Prix, the top equestrian event in the country. Moreover, it has a relatively low unemployment rate of 2.7 percent.

A new firehouse and police headquarters are planned for Charlestown Road. Construction on the new police headquarters and fire station will begin later this year. Mayor Jeff Gahan says that New Albany is a safe place to live and raise a family. The new firehouse will be built in a former Sonic lot and is funded by the American Rescue Plan