Our Duty To Give Back

Roofing Expert

At Davis Roofing and Restoration, we believe in giving back to our community

We feel extremely lucky and fortunate – personally and professionally – to be in our line of work. We appreciate the opportunities we have to live and work here in greater Powell area.

It’s a pleasure to provide the best quality work to improve the homes of our friends and neighbors. Having come from modest backgrounds, we have a deep appreciation of the hard work and challenges it takes to be in the position in which we find ourselves now as professionals.

We will ALWAYS be grateful for the helping hands and support we have been given on our path. We believe that we are all here on earth to help each other – to lighten the load and the mood of all. Doing good is part of being a good citizen and a good businessperson.


Every Roof Helps One of Our (Or Your) Charities

For every roof repair or replacement we provide, we make a donation on behalf of our customers. You can choose where you would like that contribution to go or, if you wish, allow us to make a donation to a charity we believe in and make sure they, our customers, get credit for it.

We love living here and want to support this vital, growing area in any way we can. More and more people are moving here because of the quality of life and the people who make up this wonderful community. But there are those who do not have what every person deserves – the ability to have the basics of life.
That’s why we feel very strongly that with each job we do, we have the chance to give back in some way. There are many people here who need help and we are glad to provide a donation to assist them. While we have non-profit groups we personally support, we want to honor other worthy local groups.

Check out the charities that we have provided to the groups that our customers have selected and remember that if you have need of any of those services we can provide, just call us to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection. Don’t wait, call NOW!

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