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What Does GAF Mean in Roofing?

GAF stands for “Good American Fabric,” and it is a national roofing organization that offers various certifications to contractors. These include Certified Contractor, Authorized Contractor, and Master Elite Contractor. The former level entails basic training and is appropriate for a new contractor, while the latter is a full-licensed contractor who is required to meet certain standards with the Better Business Bureau. The Master Elite Contractor is the highest level of certification and is responsible for providing quality products and services, including warranties and inspections. roofing supplies

In addition to being the top roof warranty in the U.S., GAF offers several other warranties for its products. The Golden Pledge Warranty, for instance, covers the shingles and the entire roofing system for life. Additionally, the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty covers the labor for 25 years, which is the longest workmanship warranty for a roof. The GAF warranty program has many benefits, so be sure to ask about these before hiring a roofing contractor.

GAF Master Elite roofers are specially trained to install GAF roofing systems. They understand the products and know how to install them properly. Their commitment to quality is reflected in the fact that they go through a rigorous training program. In addition, GAF master elite contractors undergo ongoing education and training. Ultimately, this certification is a great choice for your roof, and GAF roofs can add expert status to your roofing contractor’s resume.

GAF Master Elite contractors are committed to craftsmanship and ongoing training, and they use GAF roofing products. Master Elite contractors also use high-quality shingles and roofing materials that are backed by a great warranty. And because GAF stands behind their products, you can be confident that your roof will be safe and sound. It’s worth it! You can rest assured that you’ll be receiving a top-quality roof for a great price.

Depending on the style and color of your roof, GAF shingles can range from budget-friendly 3-tab shingles to higher-end architectural shingles. Timberline shingles, for example, average $115-$160 per square (100 square feet). Other GAF accessories include starter strip shingles, moisture barrier, and ridge cap shingles. The Timberline Ultra HD shingles are the most popular asphalt shingles in the United States.

GAF Master Elite Contractors are among the most highly qualified in the industry. These contractors have passed strict standards to become certified by GAF. GAF is the nation’s largest roofing materials manufacturer, and its Master Elite Roofers are highly sought after and highly qualified. They offer warranties that no other company can match. If you want a top-notch roof for your home or business, make sure your contractor is GAF Master Elite.


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