What Does Roofing Mean?

The word roof comes from the Latin word tectum and is a compound noun. It refers to the outer covering of a building, protecting it from the elements and providing warmth and shade. Roofs can be flat, pitched, vaulted or domed and can be a noun or a verb. In this article, we’ll look at the word roofing and learn about its different forms. The definition of roofing follows. metal roofing prices

The term roof also refers to a type of structure. Roofing materials are generally made of either natural or manmade materials. Materials used in vernacular architecture, which incorporates vegetation, can be very durable. Bamboo is a popular roofing material in many Asian countries, where it is often used for its outer layer as well as supporting structure. Other materials include wooden boards and shingles, which are used in areas where timber is abundant. Bark is another option for roofing.