What Homeowners Need to Know About Roof Repair or Replacement

Insurance Issues

When a storm or other incident damages your roof, the first thing you need to look at is your insurance policy.  You spend a lot of money on homeowners’ insurance, so the time to be sure of what coverage you have is BEFORE you need it. 

Full Coverage Policies

When signing up for homeowner’s insurance, it’s important to look at your policy and see that it:

  • Covers full replacement -the insurance company is required to for repair or replacement from any damage to those areas – regardless of age
  • (some policies do NOT, and so are cheaper – until you need them)
  • Doesn’t have any “vague” items in it
  • And get with your insurance agent for a FULL explanation

What Is Covered?

Hail, tree falls, wind, and storm damage are considered an insurance loss on your homeowner’s policy and won’t count against you for future rate increases.  Your “Full replacement” homeowners’ policy should cover the cost of all damage to your roof, siding or gutters with your only expense being the deductible amount.

What Happens if You Have a Problem?

The insurance process can be difficult.  The roofing and the insurance industry industries don’t have the best reputation. That’s because there are a lot of companies in both that don’t necessarily have your best interest in mind. 

When there is an issue – storm or other of damage, call your insurance company immediately and report it.  THEN, find a reputable contractor – one that has LOTS of experience, good reviews and testimonials – and make sure that they will come out and take measures such as covering damaged areas with a tarp immediately – which should NOT involve upfront expense, it will be covered by the insurance.

A reputable roofing company will inspect your roof damage and advise you as to what needs to be done to restore your home.  If you did your homework, the best contractors will use the same software as the insurance company, which will make getting your claim approved MUCH easier.

They will also arrange to be on-site when your insurance adjuster arrives to point out all the issues AND stay in contact to help you through the entire claim process.

Don’t sign any paperwork without THOROUGHLY reading it. 

If you don’t do a good job on research, you may get a shady roofing company will try to strong-arm you.  They will try to get you to sign a contract before they’ll inspect the roof – DON’T.  That would lock you into a contract that gives them the right to fix your roof before your claim is approved and – if it’s not – they can demand you get the work done AND pay for it.  

DON’T let the insurance come to you with a check or sign-off BEFORE you have a chance to work with your roofer to get an estimate to make a claim.  It you DO sign off or take a check, you may not get all that you’re entitled to receive and changing things AFTER signing can be a very difficult thing.

Once the claim has been approved, you can sign a contract and set a date for the work

Be sure to stay in contact with your roofer and be there before they start to see what they plan to do and how long it will take.  Then check back in at least once to look carefully at what’s going on to see that they’re handling everything well. 

IF there is an unforeseen problem, they should tell you immediately, help you contact your insurance adjuster and be there to meet with the adjuster to explain and get agreement on any increased scope of work – and payment – if there is any other needed work.

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