what is galvalume roofing

What Is Galvalume Roofing?

If you’re considering installing a metal roof on your home, you’ve probably been wondering what is Galvalume roofing. This durable material is made from an aluminum zinc silicone coating that is applied directly to a steel core. Galvalume is often accompanied by a warranty for the paint, substrate, and weathertightness. Because of the coating’s chemistry, it’s susceptible to oil canning and excessive red rust. As a result, it’s important to follow proper maintenance. corrugated metal roofing

When installing a Galvalume roof, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Metal roofs experience thermal cycling. Metal panels expand and contract at different rates, which can lead to complete roofing failure. For this reason, Galvalume panels are more stable. In contrast, aluminum panels expand and contract at different rates. The difference between the two materials is quite significant. However, it’s important to know that the expansion/contraction properties of Galvalume are non-existent in an aluminum-to-steel comparison.

Another reason why Galvalume is better than galvanized metal is its better corrosion resistance. This formula combines the toughness of zinc with the strength of aluminum. According to the Metal Construction Association, Galvalume roofing can withstand corrosion for forty or more years. This means significant savings over the lifetime of the roof. By comparison, galvanized metal ages within just 10 years, while Galvalume is capable of lasting for up to 30 years.

Galvalume roofing can be bent, rolled, or stamped to change its appearance. Because it’s versatile, it can be installed over asphalt shingles or a wood underlayment. While galvanized steel is 100% zinc, galvalume is made up of an alloy of aluminum, zinc, and a small amount of silicon. This combination gives it superior corrosion resistance and durability. When installed over asphalt shingles, galvalume roofing is more durable than traditional roofing.

Unlike traditional galvanized steel, Galvalume is available in bare or pre-coated forms. Residential-grade Galvalume metal roofing is typically coated with Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 paint. It has excellent resistance to UV rays and is relatively inexpensive in comparison to galvanized steel. Galvalume Plus steel sheets are equivalent in price to G-90 galvanized steel. So, if you’re looking for a green metal roof for your home, Galvalume may be the way to go.

A metal roof is a good choice for many reasons. It provides protection for your home, barn, or business. However, it’s important to understand the different types of metal roofing so that you can make an informed choice for your home. If you’re not sure, you can compare the benefits of galvalume and galvanized steel. There are also different performance expectations for galvalume and galvanized steel. Check out these facts and find out if galvalume is the right choice for you.

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