What is the Population of Powell OH?

Powell is a city located in Ohio, 14 miles north of Columbus. It is located in Delaware County, which is one of the highest-income counties in the country. It is expected to be the 35th most-affluent county in 2020. If you’re wondering: “What is the population of Powell OH?” you’re not alone! commercial roofing

Currently, the population of Powell is approximately 7,400. Although it is officially a city, it still associates with the Olentangy Local School District. It is home to Olentangy Liberty High School and Tyler Run Elementary. In the 2020 report card, the Olentangy Local School District earned the highest possible rating of “excellent with distinction.” In addition, the city is home to the Village Academy, a private college prep school.

Among residents, the median age is 41.2. This figure is based on both native-born residents and foreign-born residents. This means that Powell is getting older. In contrast, the average age of Powell residents was 39 in 2019, so the average age of residents is on the rise. In 2020, the most common foreign-born citizens were from Mexico, China, and India.

The economy of Powell, OH employs nearly 6.5k people. The largest industries include education, retail, and wholesale trade. The highest paying industries include professional, scientific, and managerial services. And the median household income in Powell, OH is $115,904 for males and $42,656 for females.

Powell is an important city in central Ohio. It is located near the Scioto River. It is a city that is one-half hour from Columbus and offers a downtown area for dining, shopping, and entertainment. It is also home to a local winery and brewery. The city was founded in 1857 and was named after a judge, Thomas Powell. Prior to that, the city was known as Middlebury.

Powell, Ohio is a small city with plenty to offer. It has a vibrant downtown and is just twenty miles from the capital, Columbus. Once a sleepy town of 400 people, the city has grown to a vibrant community with plenty of things to do. Powell has a unique blend of small-town living and a vibrant downtown. Powell is an excellent place for a family to live or visit.

The city of Powell, Ohio is part of Delaware County, Ohio. It is located near the Scioto River and has a population of approximately 6247. Its median house value is $386,200. Powell is home to many professionals and has a low crime rate. Powell residents are generally relatively young at age, with males being 38.9 years old and females at 39.

The American Community Survey and the United States Census Bureau have released the latest population figures for Powell, Ohio. According to these numbers, Powell’s population is projected to increase by 1,853 people (16%) by 2020.