What Wood is Used For Roofing?

Among the various materials used in roofing, cedar is one of the most popular. Its elegant appearance speaks volumes about the home owner and its durability can boost the value of a property. There are many types of wood used for roofing, but cedar and teak wood are the most popular among homeowners, as both offer extensive benefits. In this article, we will take a look at some of the advantages of both. Read on to discover more. roofing services

Plywood is a popular choice for sheathing on roofs. It is made from multiple sheets of wood interlocking. This prevents moisture from penetrating the wood and creating issues such as warping, shrinking, and swelling. Plywood is cheaper than OSB and is also more flexible. Both are acceptable for roofing, but there are some differences between the two. Depending on the application, you can choose which type of wood is right for your home.

Douglas fir is the number one choice for rafter-styled roofs. This wood grows abundantly in the Pacific Northwest and is suitable for manufacturing in substantial quantities. It is light, rot-resistant, and easy to cut in compound angles. This wood is softwood, with a slightly red tint. If you want to build a sustainable home, this is a good choice. If you are concerned about the environment, you may want to look into other sustainable materials.

Plywood is another option. Unlike OSB, plywood has a superior waterproof rating. Plywood swells uniformly across its sheet and dries quickly. Unlike OSB, it can resist high pressures, making it ideal for roofing. However, it can be susceptible to punctures and buckling if the weather is too cold. In addition, OSB swells unevenly, leaving visible ridges on the edges.

Wooden shingles and wooden shakes are popular for roofing. Both types of roof sheathing are made from boards approximately one foot wide and six feet long. The latter is usually made with special underlayment. Plywood is stronger than dimensional lumber, but it is more expensive. It also provides a smaller surface area for screws and nails to adhere to. If you’re concerned about the weight, consider choosing a cheaper and lighter-weight option.

Another option is composite, which is a hybrid of wood and recycled paper. These roofing materials look just like wood, but they are stronger and resistant to fire. If properly cared for, wood roofs can last for a long time. If you keep them well maintained, they’ll give your home an elegant look for years. And if you live in a climate where the weather can be extremely extreme, you can easily use composite or wooden roofs to cover your house.

Taper sawn shakes are a less common option but have a uniform appearance. Made from Southern Yellow Pine Trees, pine shakes have a smoother and more uniform appearance than shingles. However, they do require special chemical treatments to ensure they stay waterproof. So, when selecting roofing materials, make sure to choose the right type of wood for your home. If you want to buy a shake roof, choose the right kind of material to cover your roof.