Financing a Roof replacement

Roofing Financing

How Can You Pay for Repairs or Replacements?

The best way to pay for situations like replacing your roof is when you have the time and capability to plan ahead and save for any home project.

However, that’s just not how life goes sometimes.

Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to finance items like roof repair or replacement and other home needs. Davis Roofing will discuss options with you, based on your specific needs and situation.


1. Homeowners Insurance coverage

Davis Roofing can help you be prepared to submit a claim.  If the project you are dealing with has been caused by weather or accidents, you should make a claim against your homeowners’ policy.  These insurance policies will cover roof repairs or replacement if it was damaged by a storm, fire, or theft.

We can provide advice to you about your policy and the needed repairs or replacement to support your claim so the insurance will pay for it. Because we use the same software estimating package as the insurance company, we can make help you to share with your company so that your claim can be quickly handled.

Once you contact your insurance agent, we will work closely with to help in securing the best results

However, if you have a problem, such as a roof that needs help because of age or lack of maintenance, your insurance company won’t cover its replacement or repair.

Without the possibility of collecting from your homeowner’s policy, the issue that remains is how to pay for any needed area.

The financing choice that is best for you and your home depends on several important factors:

Roofing financing? Ask us - we can recommend many resources AND we have our own financing option.

2. Financing

Davis Roofing and Restoration works with Service Finance Company LLC. This is a nationally licensed sales finance company and an approved FHA Title I Lender. They can provide a financing solution for people who own a single-family home under the Title I program.

There’s no complicated paperwork or approval process to bother with, besides the contract with Davis Roofing and Restoration to complete the work. All that’s required is a deposit, then the remainder of the funds transferred after the roof is installed.

This payment method will help you avoid paying very high interest rates and short terms.

3. Cash/Savings

If you have savings, this is the reason that you put money aside – to pay for unexpected incidents that are not going to be covered by insurance.

4. Home equity loan

If you have equity built up in your home, taking out a home equity loan can be a cost-effective option to pay for a new roof. You work with a bank or financial institution and use your home’s equity as collateral for the loan.

5. Personal loan

These are typically shorter loan term loans that need to be repaid within two to five years.  Good credit is usually the most important factor in getting a good rate and term.


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