Our Process

Roofing Expert

The process begins with you!

1. Inspection

With the first sign of any roof damage, leaks, siding or attic issues contact us and we will make a firm appointment to come out to look at any issues at your home. When we arrive, we will provide a truly free, zero-obligation inspection.

Our inspections are conducted by a seasoned professional, who will also ask any needed After the inspection and a discussion of all available options for installing or correcting any possible remedies, you will receive an estimate based on what we have seen and what you want to have as a result of any work.

2. Deciding to work with Davis Roofing and Restoration

Once you decide to have Davis provide services for you, you simply need to agree to the estimate and arrange for a convenient time for work to be done. Unless weather or other acts of God intervene, we will begin and complete all work thoroughly and quickly.


3. Moving Forward with a Homeowners Insurance Claim or Other forms of Insurance

We will work with you to determine if and when you should submit a claim to your homeowner’s insurance. If you choose to report your damage, we will walk you through the paperwork and submission process so that the documentation clearly reflects our findings.

Because we know what needs to be done, we will have already provided the information and pictures that will be required for submission. That should make it possible for your claim to be received and processed with minimum delay.

4. Once an adjuster comes to your property

To make an assessment, we can also be on hand to show the representative our findings and provide insights. This generally helps the adjuster determine the maximum allowable reimbursement and ensure that all the correct repairs or replacement can be completed without problems

While talking to the adjuster, we will also have the advantage of negotiating rates in order to maximize your coverage without any paying an additional out-of-pocket costs.

During the Installation, Repair or Replacement

Our crew and supervisor will arrive on time and be ready to go to work. We don’t want to disrupt your schedule or waste time. Expect clean, careful work from Davis Roofing. We diligently work on your property so that you can continue your day with limited interruption.

We should have all the necessary materials and tools, but if something unexpected shows up, we can quickly get any needed items and still finish our work on a timely basis.

Our crew is supplied with:

Your Results

Once we have completed the job, we will go over all the work done. Then you can resume your life with peace of mind knowing that you have no need to worry about any surprises or problems.

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