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We Are Your Roofing Experts

We know what we’re doing

We have highly experienced crews and supervisory people. Our foremen average 18 years of experience in the industry. They work side-by-side with our workmen to ensure that each step of the repair or replacement process is done correctly.

Constant quality control is critical in all the work we do. We know that every step in the process needs to be performed correctly, because once it’s done, it may not be visible, but HAS to be correct. That’s why our supervisors are closely involved in all our projects, to oversee and ensure complete quality control.

All our crew members are completely committed to upholding Davis Roofing’s reputation as a topnotch company providing thorough, quality craftsmanship. As prospective customer, you should feel comfortable that you can expect the very best results

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We work with our customers

To many homeowners, roof installment, replacement or repair can seem overwhelming. The idea of major repairs or even replacement can be very scary.

Obviously, the financial commitment is significant, but we do our best to come up with the most cost-effective options. Many people are concerned about the time that work may take, we are all about efficiency to hold the inconvenience of work being done to a minimum

We know that there is a lot of anxiety for you about time and money. Our goal is to relieve that unease and make the experience a productive one, rather than painful.

That’s why Davis Roofing employs only highly experienced personnel. Their skills and expertise mean that work is done economically and in the shortest possible time needed to provide the absolute best results. You can rely on us for a fair, honest and complete job, from inspection to completion.

Experience with Homeowner Insurance Claims Submission

We know that submitting and getting insurance claims approved can be a trying process. If your repair or replacement involves working with an insurance company, we will support you throughout the whole process.

We use exactly the same software that insurance companies employ. That means that we’re speaking in their language and using the same numbers that they do. The pictures and language that we will provide for your claim will make the whole process easier and less stressful.

Our involvement also includes making sure that the insurance company is aware of ALL the damage that needs to be repaired, not just the obvious surface things. When an adjustor comes out to review the situation, they may try to get you to accept a settlement offer in a hurry.

Do NOT just say yes, check it out with us to make sure. We are extremely knowledgeable on the issue of submission and working with insurance adjusters to identify ALL the areas that should be covered. This is extremely important because we want you to receive everything to which you are entitled.


Our work comes with solid guarantees.


Any roofing shingles are covered by a lifetime warranty.  Siding comes with guarantees based on the products used but usually 15 to 20 years.  Gutters and attic insulation is usually guaranteed for 15 years as well.

Our installation work is guaranteed for 5 years, but you can always call us for a free re-inspection if something comes up and we will work with you from there.

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614 706 7003

Get 10% off Repairs or $500 off Roof Replacement

Don’t take risks with your home! FINANCING IS AVAILABLE, and we’ll be with you every step of the way in your insurance claim!

Book Your Inspection

614 706 7003
Free inspection

Get 10% off Repairs or $500 off Roof Replacement

Don’t take risks with your home! FINANCING IS AVAILABLE, and we’ll be with you every step of the way in your insurance claim!

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