Our Customer Service Culture

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Our Customer Service Culture

While we are in the business of installing and repairing roofs, gutters, siding and attic insulation – and we’re one of the leading companies in the Powell area, we believe that our business is based on taking care of our customers, satisfying their needs, and building long-term relationships 

Customer service needs to be the top priority of any business.  It is certainly the most important thing that we do.  We are in a business that has many competitors, some are only interested in making as much money as fast as possible.

If there is any secret to our success, it’s that we work very hard to be good to all the people with whom we interact.  We have a simple business philosophy – take care of your people and your customers, treating them as they deserve and always focus on service and satisfaction.

We are proud to say we care about our customers because our success is based on what our customers say about us. We know that some of our customers have received poor customer service in the past and are skeptical about any business that wants to sell them something.

We also know that the key to service is to treat everyone well so that when our customers talk to our crew and see how they work, they will understand that we are very serious about customer service and can be trusted.

Our attitude has even reduced our worker turnover because all the members of our staff and crews know that we value them and want them to do the best for our customers well. We make sure that they understand that having unhappy and unsatisfied customers will lead to them not having a job.
Our attitude with everyone in our company and all the potential customers we talk to are looking for something that shows that our company is different, one of the best in our business. We work in a busy marketplace, there are dozens of other businesses out there offering a similar product or service.

When there is a lot of competition, the only way to differentiate our company from the rest is to provide a superior customer experience—to create better service and satisfaction than any of our competitors. And our dedication to that shows. We are growing and successful and want to stay that way.

We Believe in the Importance of Building Long-Term Relationships
In business, as in all the other parts of your life, maintaining a relationship is important. We have had many repeat customers who call us because they are familiar with the way we do business, the people we send to work on their home and the way we handle estimates and due dates.

We also know that customers who have business with us and have had a great outcome are likely to recommend us to family, friends and neighbors. That’s something we go the extra mile to maintain.

If you have a need for the services we provide and want to know why you should consider us as a good resource, just check out our reviews and testimonials.

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