Hilliard, Ohio

About Hilliard, Ohio

Hilliard, Ohio has a rich history that dates back to its early settlement in the 19th century. It began when pioneers started settling in the area during the early 1800s. Before European settlers arrived, the land was inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Shawnee and Wyandot.

In 1852, John Reed Hilliard purchased land and laid out the town, officially founding it. Initially known as Hilliard’s Station, it earned its name from John Hilliard himself. The town’s growth was facilitated by its status as a stop on the Piqua and Indiana Railroad, which boosted trade and commerce.

The railroad played a crucial role in Hilliard’s development, enabling the transportation of goods and people. This, in turn, made Hilliard’s Station a hub for agricultural trade and commerce.

Incorporated as a village in 1869 and later as a city in 1960, Hilliard’s population steadily grew, partly due to its transportation connections and proximity to Columbus.

In its early years, agriculture was a dominant industry, thanks to the fertile land around the town. Many residents were involved in farming.

As the city expanded, schools, churches, and businesses developed, and Hilliard continued to thrive as a small, close-knit community.

In the 20th century, Hilliard underwent significant changes as it transformed from a predominantly rural community into a suburban city. The expansion of Columbus and the construction of the Interstate 270 beltway further influenced its growth.

Today, Hilliard is a thriving city with a diverse economy and a strong sense of community. It is renowned for its excellent schools, parks, and recreational opportunities. The Historical Village at Weaver Park preserves and showcases the city’s history, allowing residents and visitors to explore its past.

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