How Long Does Torch Down Roofing Last?

If you’re wondering how long torch down roofing lasts, read on. There are some things you need to keep in mind to make sure your roofing is safe. In addition to following manufacturer guidelines, it’s also best to make sure your roofing contractor has a fire extinguisher on-site or one within 50 feet of the work area. If you’re unsure of your roofing contractor’s insurance coverage, ask to see the letter from your carrier. epdm roofing

Torched down roofing is made from modified bitumen, a compound of asphalt and plastic. Modified bitumen reacts well to heat and temperature changes. Because it has a flexible and responsive quality, it can withstand fires and high foot traffic. There are two types of modified bitumen used in torch down roofing, but any one of them can be safe. To help ensure your roof’s durability, you should purchase a torch down roofing kit.

Another consideration is the cost. Torch down roofing is expensive and provides a poor return on investment. Not only is it among the most expensive roofing materials available, it has the lowest life expectancy. While repair and maintenance costs are minimal at first, they can add up over time, and eventually you’ll have to replace the roof. This is not always an option, especially if you live in a region that gets a lot of snow and rain.

The best way to make sure your torch down roofing lasts is to take care of it. While it’s durable and resistant to external factors, it’s susceptible to scratching and tearing. A torn waterproof seal compromises the roof system, so you should take care of it regularly and repair it as necessary. When installing torch down roofing, it’s important to choose the right contractor to install it. The right person can save you money on labor costs.

The installation process of a torch down roofing system is simple. The roofer will install the torch-down membranes on an overlay board. The overlay board will protect the torch down membranes from moisture. If it’s installed incorrectly, water can pool and create problems. A qualified contractor will lay down an overlay board to prevent this problem from occurring. This over-lapping board will be attached to the base sheet with adhesive or by applying heat to the torch-down membranes.

The materials used in torch down roofing are made of rubbery additives, which allows the material to expand and contract in extreme temperatures. This makes it ideal for low-slope and flat roofs. This property protection will lower your cooling bill during hot weather. Torch down roofing is also highly water-resistant thanks to its heat-sealed seams and ultra-water-proof membrane. This type of roof also has a granulated cap layer, which makes it extremely fire-resistant.

If you’re wondering how long torch down roofing last, you’ll need to consider the type of roof you want. Torch down is designed to provide waterproof protection for buildings in BC’s coastal climate, but many older buildings do not meet these requirements. In addition, many BC roofing consultants fail to tell their customers of these restrictions. Especially if the company has a financial stake in the project, they may offer you an expensive insulation package that will only prolong the life of the roof.