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Choosing Which Type of Roofing Shingles to Put on Your House

If you’re planning on putting new roof shingles on your house, you should consider the types of shingle you plan on using. Different types of roofing shingles are used for different types of houses. For instance, the type of shingles you use on your roof will determine how durable it is. There are different types of shingles, and you should check what your insurance company recommends before you make a decision. steel roofing

While composite plastic shingles are inexpensive and environmentally friendly, they are not as durable as real wood shingles. Composite plastic shingles are usually made from recycled plastic materials, which makes them a good option for people who want to use environmentally friendly products for their roofs. Installing composite plastic shingles on a standard single-story house will cost approximately $400 to $600 per square foot. Some composite shingles look like wood shakes or stone slate tiles, which will help you match the design of your house to the neighborhood. Although they don’t last as long as other types of shingles, they are a good option for a roof replacement.

While picking the right type of roofing shingles can be a difficult process, the color and pattern should not be the only things that you consider. Choosing a color that matches your house’s exterior is important, but don’t forget to consider the style and architecture of your house. A white house might look awkward with a slate gray roof. A red brick house might look odd with a black roof.

Wood shingles are another popular choice. They are elegant and rustic, but they are expensive to purchase and maintain. In areas with lots of moisture, you should avoid using a wood roof. In these regions, wood shingles are common, though they require more maintenance and tend to be more expensive. Depending on the type of wood shingles you choose, the cost of a new roof may be prohibitive.

Metal roofs can be very durable. They can last up to 100 years, but they are more expensive than most asphalt shingles. Metal roofs are also durable and low-maintenance, and can be installed easily. Metal shingles can last anywhere from 15 to 50 years with proper care. If you choose the right type, it can add a dramatic look to your home. However, they can also be expensive, ranging from $1.50 to $550 per square foot.

If you’re worried about the environmental impact of asphalt shingles, consider metal shingles. These are more environmentally friendly than asphalt, but they’re not as durable or as environmentally friendly as other roofing materials. On the other hand, asphalt shingles are lightweight, flat, and easily identifiable. These are the least expensive option available. On average, 3-tab asphalt shingles last about 20 years, but they’re not as durable or strong as other premium shingles. They are not rated for high wind areas.

If you’re looking for a new roof, the first step is to decide whether you’ll do it yourself or hire a professional. This decision will depend on your comfort level and experience. Hiring a professional can also be an excellent option to ensure that your new roof lasts for decades. Then, you can start comparing different roofing shingles to decide which one is best for your house.


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