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How to Install Steel Roofing Over Shingles

Before installing steel roofing over shingles, it’s important to understand how a metal roof is installed. Unlike shingles, metal needs to be installed over flat surfaces. In order to avoid any seams, you should make sure the panels are straight and that the screws are not too long. You should also use rubber closures over the overlaps to prevent water from penetrating through the panels. Overlaps can be closed with rubber strips, or there are ridge caps. Another option is to use mesh to allow air to flow over the roof and create a ridge vent. epdm roofing

To install steel roofing over shingles, you’ll need to measure the roof for any valleys, dormers, or chimneys. You’ll also need to know the width and length of each side of the roof. Ensure that the metal is perfectly straight by using a level to measure it. If the roof is prone to water, you’ll also need to install flashing. During this process, you’ll need to take measures to protect yourself against the wind.

Another benefit of installing metal over shingles is its durability. It doesn’t require as much maintenance as shingles and will last for decades, without needing repair work. The metal roof also blocks heat, unlike shingles, which tend to absorb it. This will allow you to save money on heating and cooling costs while still having a beautiful roof. Adding a metal roof to your home can give it an edge over shingles in many ways.

Before installing metal roofing over shingles, make sure that the plywood beneath the existing shingle roof is in good condition. Make sure that there are no soft spots or rotten wood. A rotten wood deck will not be able to hold on to a metal roof during a windstorm. Contact the manufacturer of your new roof for its recommendations. Some products are approved for installation directly over non-compromised asphalt shingles. Others require the installation of a new layer of underlayment over the entire roof. For others, a new layer of underlayment is needed over the entire roof and wood strapping is necessary to secure the deck to the plywood.

If you decide to install metal roofing over asphalt shingles, you must first determine the building codes that allow it. If you are not sure, you may need to tear off the old roof and start again. Some building codes require you to tear off the old roof before installing the new one. While metal roofing is more durable than asphalt shingles, it’s also susceptible to damage in storms. Large hailstones can dent copper and aluminum roofs. Make sure that your homeowner’s insurance will cover storm damage, as metal roofs can become dented over time.

Another important step in installing metal roofing over shingles is to install a new underlayment on top of the shingles. Using an underlayment between the metal and the shingle roofing is important as it’s your first line of defense against water. Otherwise, your shingle roof could expand and rub against the metal and erode the granules. If you’re unsure about the roofing code requirements for your area, you can look into alternative options.


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